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hi there, i'm nilo, and i am a maker of things!
this page is full of drawing samples of mine in various styles and media.

the examples here are placed in rough ascending order of complexity/time spent,
but the "categories" aren't particularly rigid - i encourage you to mix-n-match.

listed prices are estimates, and are in USD!
please scroll all the way down for more information,
and thanks for checking out my page :D

microsoft paint

i really love making these, and you can get one by donating $5+ to my ko-fi!

(please include the request as well as a way to contact you in your private message)

microsoft paint +

$10 - $25


small: $25

large: $50

paper sketch

$15 - $30. if you want it shipped to you physically we can figure that out but it will be extra $

digital sketch

$15 - $50

digital sketchpage

$25 - $50

digital illustration

$35 - $75

character painting


character design/refsheet

$75 for existing character, $100+ for new design


$50 - $100+

s l o t s

[ ] ... [ ] ... [ ] ... [ ] ... [ ]

t e r m s

standard stuff. you can use work you have purchased from me in almost any way you like,
but you may not claim it as your own or profit directly from its use or distribution.

please let me know if you plan to use my work for branding/etc.
i am fine with this but we will have to talk about it.

turnaround times are variable depending on piece complexity,
but this is my only job right now, so i'll be active.

c o n t a c t

if you are interested in purchasing a commission, please e-mail me at this address!

i request that you choose and include specific examples that you would like your piece modeled after,
and that you send any reference material you'd like for me to use.
(this will help a lot with figuring out a quote.)

pricing is not set in stone, but expect the listed ranges.

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